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Full Qualification

Home Based Carer
NQF Level 3
Credits 135

ID 104792
Course Content

Requirements: Grade 10

One year training Clinical training in hospitals, clinics and frail care centers 

Knowledge Subjects: 45 Credits

  • Fundamentals of Home Base Care.

  • Community Health Care and Social Support.

  • Rehabilitative Care within a home base environment.

  • Therapeutic Care within the home base environment.

  • Supportive and Palliative Care.


Work Experience Modules: Credits 45

  • Site specific rules relating to confidentiality and privacy.

  • Site specific codes of conduct and ethics.

  • Site specific policies, procedures and protocols relating to assessment and provision.

  • Site specific forms(Patient consent, referral.)

  • Workplace specific care plan.

  • Workplace specific templates

  • Workplace specific policies.

  • Criteria for Workplace Approval

    • Physical Requirements.

    • Human Resource Requirements.

    • Legal Requirements.

  • Additional Assignments (Externally)


Practical Skills Modules: Credits 45

  • Assess and identify the needs of patients and family/households members and develop/update a standardised care plan.

  • Identify and report on possible needs of patient and family/household members on an ongoing basis.

  • Implement delegated components of the care plan.

  • Educate patients and family/household members regarding the specific health/social conditions, implications and principles of care.

  • Capacitate patients /family/household members in basic practical care skills.

Record and submit required information as per the schedule

Included in your fees: -Study Material, Light Lunch ,Medical equipment needed & Uniform

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